Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updated...Only 1 left...Buy now...

Happy Sunday...What a beautiful Fall day...Today is my Husband's Birthday...We are going to head on over to my in-laws for a birthday dinner and cake. Yesterday we stopped over there to take a long fall walk..Our subdivison doesn't have sidewalks so it is so much better to go to our old neighborhood to take a walk with our children 6 and 3...(Our old Neighborhood) Yep! DH and I grew up around the corner from eachother since we were 5 years old...We actually started dating in College and will be married 9 years in October..(smile) Fall is so special to us because when we were in highschool and dh and I were the bestest friends we used to take long fall walks together and just talk....Years later married and kids we still enjoy those colorful crisp walks...My point is is do something that makes you happy...Creating is something that is relaxing and brings me tons of joy also...This Halloween Spooky kit is full of YUMMY! stuff...You won't be dissapointed when you receive this in the mail....We only have 3 left...Yep! you read it right only 3 These kits are limited....Don't miss out.........Krista

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  1. I just had to say how much I'm enjoying my Halloween kit....I haven't started on my other kit yet...but I's a little sample of what I've done with the Halloween kit so far:

    THANK YOU!!!! HUGS!!!